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St. Joseph's Elementary

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St. Joseph's Elementary


St. Joseph`s Staff
 Name  Position  E-mail
 Mr. Terry Baker Principal
 Mrs. Susan Snook Kindergarten Teacher
 Mrs. Debra Kendell Grade One Teacher
 Mrs. Mary Fudge Grade Two Teacher
 Mrs. Cheryl Stone Grade Three Teacher 
 Mrs. Tammy Baker Grade Four Teacher
 Mrs. Tanya Hunt Grade Five and Vice Principal 
 Mr. Terry Crant Grade Six (ICF)
 Ms. Kathleen Gilhooly Instructional Resource Teacher
 Mr. Matthew Rideout Instructional Resource Teacher
 Ms. Jennifer Hatcher Music and Grade ThreeTeacher  
 Mr. Tim Ivany French Teacher (Grades 4 and 5)
 Mrs. Pansy Blackmore Student Assistant 
 Mrs, Teresea Strowbridge Student Assistant
 Mrs. Denette Pierce Student Assistant
 Mrs. Madonna Ricketts Secretary
 Mr. Sid Strowbridge Custodian

 Mrs. Donna Pierce Custodian & Special Needs Bus Driver
 Mrs. Gail Jarvis Guidance Counsellor

 Mr. Darrell Pierce Bus Diver
Mrs. Maureen Pierce Bus Driver