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King Academy

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King Academy







Bernetta Delaney - Principal

Jamie Hunt - Vice Principal, Social Studies and Math

Jordan Tibbo - Senior High Science and Junior High Science

Dominic Ricketts - Instructional Resource Teacher and Social Studies

Sandra Hynes - High School English

Philip Young -  Science and Math

Nish Hynes -  English and Phys. Ed.

Tim Ivany - French and Drama

Jennifer Hatcher - Music

Garrett Flight - Social Studies and Skilled Trades (tech)

Sheena Crant-Vallis - Pervasive Needs

Janesta Tibbo- IRT

Gail Jarvis - Guidance


Support Staff

Karen Douglas - Secretary

Nancy Loveless- Student Assistant

Dianne Stone- Student Assitant

Maureen Pierce- Maintenance/Janitor

Wallace Bennett - Maintenance