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It is the responsibility of parents and/or guardians to ensure that students attend school regularly. In accordance with the School’s Act, the teachers and administrations shall make every reasonable effort to secure regular attendance of students at school. Please ensure that your child’s absenteeism is for valid reasons, i.e. Illness. It is expected that if a student is absent from school the parent will call the school to inform the teacher of this absence.


Please be advised that there are several students attending King Academy with serious allergies to nuts and scents. As a result, we are not selling products that contain nuts in the canteen and we have adopted a scent free policy.

Peanut Allergies:

 It is quite common today to hear of children who suffer from allergic reactions to peanuts and or even traces of peanuts. King Academy has students who are no exception to this problem and because of that we feel a need to protect the students. King Academy had decided not to sell or have items that contain peanuts brought into the building.

Scent Free:

Teachers, parents, students and visitors to King Academy are asked not to wear scented perfumes, aftershaves and colognes. We currently have identified several students who have severe allergic reactions to such scents. For health and safety of these students (and others who have not yet have been identified) we are asking that you respect this policy

School Cancellations:

School Closure due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstance may occur from time to time. In the event of such a closure an announcement will be made over the school automated phone system (SynreVoice),  local radio station, VOCM. Occasionally, school will close or re-open for the afternoon session.

Dropping / Adding Courses:

At the Senior High level, students are given some flexibility in regards to dropping one course and adding another. The deadline for this is mid-October, except if approved by administration.

Graduation Requirements

A Graduation certificate will be issued to a student who successfully completes 36 credits in accordance with Department of Education Guidelines. The attainment of an overall total of 36 or more credits, such that:
1. No fewer than 20 credits beyond Level I
2. No fewer than 9 credits beyond Level II.


For the Safety of our students we ask that you drive with care in the area of King Academy. We also ask that you not leave your vehicle running unattended while dropping off or picking up students.

We have posted several “No Parking” signs and we trust that you will follow these signs. It is important that these spaces be left open for handicap parking or access. It is also important to leave this area clear in case of an emergency.

We have two parking areas, staff parking to the side of our building and the student/visitor parking area is adjacent to the high school at the top of the hill. Please use these parking spaces.

Headwear & Jackets:

For hygiene purposes, student comfort, classroom cleanliness and less classroom disruptions, headwear and jackets are not to be worn in classrooms.
Students must remove ALL headwear and jackets prior to the start of the morning and afternoon classes. Their personal items are to be placed in the student’s locker. Pullovers (hoodies) and fleeces are excused.
The incident will be documented and dealt with according to school’s discipline protocol.

Smoking on School Property:

For health, social, safety, and economic reasons, we believe King Academy should become a Smoke Free institution and that students will acknowledge the benefits of a smoke free environment
There will be absolutely no smoking anywhere on school property, by students or adults.
If a student is caught smoking in or on school property the student will be sent to the Administration where an automatic suspension may be imposed.

Missed Evaluations (Tests, Exams, Assignments):

This policy ensures that all evaluation in courses is completed and prevents students from missing such evaluations purposely.
When a student misses an evaluation a note from a doctor or a phone call from the parent must be provided. Except under extenuating circumstances, the student will write the evaluation upon return to school during after school hours and at the teacher’s convenience. During Midterms or Finals however, a doctor's note MUST be provided if a student is absent during an exam. 

Throwing Snowballs Towards/From School Property:

The school has adopted a zero tolerance to snowball throwing on or towards school property.
We feel that parents, teachers, students and visitors to the school should not be threatened in this way.
The throwing of snowballs on or towards school property will be treated as a dangerous act with intent to harm and a suspension may be issued immediately.